ACRE 2021 Residency Application


Please also refer to the application instructions, with detailed information on the application process.

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General Information

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Residency fee: $700

ACRE's residency is a co-operative environment in which all community members contribute and help with chores. Please note that residents will be asked to help wash dishes 1-2 times per session.

Financial Aid

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Demographic Information (optional)

We collect demographic information to ensure that we understand and support our community to the best of our ability and to provide information to funding organizations.* Demographic information may be used to help identify applicants who are eligible for specific scholarships if you indicate interest in financial aid, but it has no bearing on acceptance to the residency program.

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I identify as a person with a disability

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If you are eligible for any of these specific scholarship programs, check the ones to which you want to apply:

Diversity Scholarship   Southeastern US Equity Scholarship   Marwen Alumni Scholarship
SAIC Alumni Scholarship   Parent-Artist Scholarship   Virginia Aberle Memorial Scholarship
Northeastern Illinois University Alumni Scholarship

Your answers will never be associated with your name or any other identifying information in our reporting. Rates subject to change.

Your Work

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Please describe your current practice (100 words or less):

Primary area of your work is:

What are the goals or intentions you have set for your current practice, and how might you benefit from the time and space provided by an ACRE residency? Be specific. (150 words or less):

Which facilities do you anticipate using?

General studio space
Sound studio Wood shop Screen-printing cabin A/V+tech cabin Fibers studio Ceramics studio

All facilities are communal.

Portfolio: upload up to 10 images or documents and/or up to 5 minutes of time-based work.

File formats should be as follows. Images: JPEG or GIF (at most 1600 pixels, longest side); documents: PDF (< 5 pages each); audio: MP3; video: H.264 codec (max: bit rate 10.0 Mbit/s, 1080p) in MOV or MP4 container (.mov, .mp4, or .m4v file extension).

Maximum file size is 400 MB for video, and 100 MB for other file types. If you have problems uploading files, please review our FAQ.

Click the file name of each submission to include title information and a short description of the work (up to 200 characters). Note: if you choose not to enter information, the file name will be the default caption.

Also click on the timecode field for up to 3 audio or video files. When we need to prepare short excerpts for your time-based work samples, we will use these timecodes as the starting point. Format: MM:SS. See the "portfolio" section of our FAQ for more info.

Upload your CV in PDF format (optional):

How did you hear about ACRE?


ACRE is committed to being open and accessible to all artists. We are eager to work with you directly to ensure we will be able to meet your needs. Please use this field to list any particular needs or accomodations.

Please also use this field to list any sessions you are absolutely unable to attend, specific housing or roommate requests, if you would like to share a bed with your partner should you both be accepted, etc.:

You will be able to review your answers before submitting the application.